OpenPages launches OpenPages EHS

11 August 2008

OpenPages®, the leading provider of enterprise GRC management solutions that optimise business performance, today announced a solution for Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) initiatives. As the newest solution offering on the OpenPages Platform (version 5.5), OpenPages EHS provides companies with the tools to develop and manage a compliance and risk management program focused exclusively on managing environmental, heath and safety.

OpenPages EHS provides executives, managers and safety practitioners with a solution that supports their efforts to manage risk across the enterprise. OpenPages EHS can be integrated with other compliance and risk management initiatives, including financial controls, IT risk and compliance, general regulatory compliance and operational risk management. It can also be deployed independently to meet specific EHS requirements.

Key features within OpenPages EHS include:
Single Data Repository – OpenPages EHS delivers a single system of record for the identification, assessment, monitoring and management of EHS hazards and risks across the enterprise. Serving as a central repository for all EHS risk and compliance data, the software eliminates redundancies through shared documents, hazards, risks, and controls and allows for in-depth causal analysis of hazards by capturing cause and effect conditions at the time of the hazard occurrence.

EHS Automation – Through automatic notification and routing of tasks, OpenPages EHS automates key EHS management activities including the tracking of mitigation and corrective action plans as well as approval and review processes, ensuring consistency and enforcing accountability across the enterprise while identifying and resolving problem areas faster to increase EHS productivity.

Dashboards & Decision Support – OpenPages EHS delivers dynamic management dashboards, charts and reports that provide enhanced visibility into the state of EHS risk and compliance activities. By drilling-down through sub-reports for causal analysis of hazards, users are given actionable reporting on current state of EHS across the entire organisation to ensure execution of risk mitigation strategies.

Full Configurability– As with all OpenPages modules, OpenPages EHS user interfaces, forms, workflows, reporting and system-wide settings are 100% configurable to meet specific EHS methodologies and processes; no changes to underlying code are needed.

Key Hazard Indicators – To support ongoing monitoring of the most critical hazards, OpenPages EHS includes Key Hazard Indicators that send automated alerts when hazard and risk thresholds are breached, providing users with real-time notification to help mitigate EHS risks and potentially prevent EHS hazards from materialising.

EHS Hazard Assessment – The library functionality within OpenPages EHS eliminates redundant work while creating efficient and standardised processes associated with major EHS activities like hazard classification, mitigation activity or corrective action requests.

“Our goal is to help our customers enhance the effectiveness of their risk management programs,” said Michael J. Duffy, President and CEO of OpenPages. “The challenge facing companies today in the environmental, health and safety arena is that these compliance and risk management efforts are often isolated and lack a systematic approach. Organisations need more than just expert judgment, best practices and regulatory guidance. Through OpenPages EHS, we will empower our customers to better-manage and optimise their environmental, health and safety risk management programs in a true enterprise-wide approach.”

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