Integral Adds RFS for Spot, Outrights, & Swaps to FX Inside 3.0

3 April 2008

Integral Development Corp., the sole neutral facilitator of multi-dealer electronic foreign exchange (eFX) trading systems, announced extensive feature enrichments to its recently released FX Insideâ„¢ 3.0 suite of trading applications

By including RFS (requests for stream) for Spot, Outrights and Swaps functionality in its suite of trading systems, the company said trading desks and broker-dealers will now have a comprehensive, fully integrated, eFX trading capability.
Harpal Sandhu, Integral’s CEO, said: “Professional traders have benefited significantly from our streaming best execution services and wanted that value extended to all FX trading instruments. The availability of RFS for Spot, Outrights and Swaps gives these traders an all-in-one application.”

“Outrights and Swaps account for over sixty-percent of FX’s $3.1 trillion daily turnover. Our position as a neutral facilitator offers all traders direct access to aggregated price streams from liquidity providers in an efficient and engaging way,” he added.

FX Inside 3.0 enhances position management, algorithmic trading, margining, and risk exposure features for both FX Inside Professional™, used by banks and fund managers, and FX Inside Broker-Dealer™, Integral’s private branding solution for brokers that provide institutional and retail trading services.

Integral’s solutions and services are delivered in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) format so users can go live quickly without adding software, migrating data or affecting IT infrastructure.

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