SkyRecon TradeShield Secures Trading and Investment Operations

21 April 2008

SkyRecon Systems, the premier provider of integrated, proactive endpoint security solutions, today announced the release of TradeShieldâ„¢, which provides unified endpoint security specifically designed for trading laptops and desktops that utilise the Bloomberg Professional applications and services. Development is underway to provide support for Reuters applications and services, which are also hosted at the trading endpoint.

Trading and investment collaboration services such as Bloomberg and Reuters offer real-time inter-company and intra-company information sharing, enabling trading divisions to make quick and informed decisions. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the endpoint terminal application and services, if not managed in line with IT and security policies, could leave a business at significant risk from system intrusions, malware, data leakage, data theft, and system misuse.

As a natural complement to existing endpoint anti-virus products, the TradeShield solution offers the right balance of trading service enablement, risk management, and endpoint security compliance. TradeShield automatically delivers the required endpoint system and data protection layers for vulnerable trading terminals. Primary key benefits include:

- Business-Ready Risk Management: Trading services are managed and provided for users and systems based on business needs
- Proactive Security Management: Trading services are controlled at the endpoint to protect the systems from data theft, leakage, and loss as well as attack
- Dynamic Policy Enforcement: IT and security policies are properly defined, deployed, enforced, and auditable in support of regulatory and internal compliance requirements

SkyRecon developed the TradeShield solution to protect trading endpoints from data leakage, data theft, system misuse, unauthorised access, and zero-day attacks. TradeShield combines technology security services to effectively and efficiently deliver end-to-end protection for trading organisations around the world. Leveraging its integrated protection layers such as device control; file-based content encryption; application control; host-based intrusion prevention (HIPS) and firewall; wireless security; and network access control (NAC), TradeShield provides the most complete endpoint protection available for the trading environment.

“Sensitive trading and financial data stays secure and in the hands of the trading business – not a hacker or competitor,” said Ravy Truchot, SkyRecon Systems CEO. “TradeShield addresses each critical aspect of trading service protection, pre-defined and specifically tuned to the organisation for the most direct and effective implementation possible. The technology provides protection for the trading endpoint and the data that those systems host and have access to.”

With TradeShield deployed to each of their trading endpoints, organisations can define a single location-aware and state-based policy that prevents sensitive data from being leaked from their endpoint systems via proprietary email systems and instant messaging tools, sent through unauthorised network locations, and extracted through the use of unauthorised removable storage devices. As the policy can be dynamically changed based on network location, state of the endpoint, and the user logged in to the endpoint, increased security can be automatically applied as the endpoint leaves the secure perimeter of the internal network or changes roles based on user or state.

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