AMS Connectivity Services (ACS) Announces Availability of Download Certification Tool

14 April 2008

AMS Connectivity Services (ACS) is pleased to announce the availability of a new download certification tool for insurance carriers and agents.

The ACS Download Certification tool will have an immediate impact on the operations of carriers and agencies exchanging policy level information through any AMS agency management system. This tool validates carrier download changes will be compatible with the AMS agency management systems download feature. In fact, the ACS Download Certification tool allows users, such as insurance carriers, agents, and reformatting vendors to:
• Test the potential impact of code changes;
• Test the output files for lines of business for which they do not currently download prior to submitting certification requests;
• Research errors that may have unexpectedly occurred in a download file for a carrier that is already certified; and
• Increase efficiency in the certification process by finding errors prior to submission for certification.

“We believe that automated validation of the AL3 messages widely used for download is critical for the industry to gain much needed traction in several areas,” said Fred Covely, president and CTO for ACS. “The download certification tool will allow us to greatly improve the quality of the data flowing through the industry pipes, resulting in reduced support cost for agencies, carriers and vendors alike. In addition the core technology used in the certification tool will be used by ACS to build various upcoming products that ease the transition from AL3 to XML.”

The ACS Download Certification tool is the first major deliverable to result from a detailed analysis by AMS Services of ACORD AL3 and XML standards use in the insurance industry. Certification will now take less time due to higher quality files submitted at the onset, which means agency customers should see a more rapid deployment of download support by carriers, especially in the commercial lines area.

“The bottom line is that better accuracy of data yields faster certification turnaround time,” said Covely. “Making the certification process easier and more efficient will result in a superior download experience which will ultimately improve the quality of the AMS agency management systems, as well as help AMS carrier customers deliver higher quality data to all of their agencies.”

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