SS&C Launches Sylvan User Defined Attribution

Windsor, CT - 9 April 2008

SS&C Technologies, Inc., a global provider of financial services software and software-enabled services, today announced the launch of Sylvan User Defined Attribution (UDA(tm)), at the University of Connecticut's Financial Accelerator in Hartford. SS&C customers, partners and industry analysts were on hand for the unveiling of the breakthrough in attribution modeling. Sylvan UDA is available as a new module of Sylvan, SS&C's leading integrated performance measurement and attribution platform.

Sylvan UDA is the investment industry's first flexible attribution solution that allows investment professionals to directly import custom attribution models from a spreadsheet into Sylvan(tm). Traditionally the lack of standards in fixed income attribution have driven investment firms to develop custom attribution methodologies and manually isolate each element in the investment management process to explain performance results. The ability to use proprietary models as part of an integrated performance measurement and attribution platform will help performance analysts process full calculations and reporting across all investment types, while automating previously manual tasks.

"The broad and growing appeal of fixed income investments combined with increased investor demand for sophisticated performance reporting across all instruments has led North American and European firms to develop proprietary attribution models. Sylvan UDA provides firms with the ultimate flexibility to use the attribution methodology that works for them and allows them to streamline the calculation and reporting of performance measurement requirements," said Mark Elliott, Director of Performance Measurement and Attribution Solutions, SS&C Technologies, Inc. "This is the most important announcement in performance measurement and attribution in 2008."

"Over the past five years we have seen steady growth in the attribution market in North America and Europe," said Phillip Silitschanu, senior analyst at Aite Group. "As manager of managers, fund of funds, and other multi-manager type funds continue to grow in popularity, players in this field must respond with attribution systems that offer advanced attribution features."

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