Accuity’s Private File Creator Release Provides Greater Flexibility For Interdiction Screening

Skokie, IL - 31 March 2008

Accuity, the leading worldwide provider of payment routing data, AML screening software and services, today introduced enhancements to Private File Creator, its database management tool designed for customized interdiction screening. Private File Creator allows users to create and maintain personalized lists of relevant business entities for use in their enhanced due diligence and Know Your Customer programs. The new version of Private File Creator includes features that will improve the matching process for its users.

Central to this new release is increased capacity and additional file creation capability. There are virtually no limits to the amount of private list data that can be stored in this release. When a user is ready to create a file, they now have a myriad of options allowing them to create a very specific file for their unique screening needs.

“Customer screening requirements may vary from department to department. Both the type of data that needs to be screened and the application with which the screening is executed can be different, requiring different content and file formats,” said Brent Newman, Managing Director, global product group for Accuity, “This new version allows customers to create these multiple lists using one central database, simplifying data maintenance and saving time.”

Additonal features of the new release include enhanced access security requirements, the ability to accommodate FinCEN data for USA PATRIOT Act 314(a) compliance and increased control over the way data can be automatically manipulated. Finally, a sleak and completely redesigned user interface allows users to easily navigate through the entire file creation process.

“We are very pleased with the enhancements included in this new version and I am sure our customers will feel the same way,” said Newman, “Today’s compliance programs require customization – risk assessments for different parts of a business require different approaches. The new Private File Creator allows customers to adapt as needed.”

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