Foresters selects Insurance Technologies’ ForeSight™ for Sales Illustrations and Enterprise-Wide Connectivity and Automation

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO - 6 September 2007

Insurance Technologies LLC, the premier provider of insurance sales and marketing software for the financial services industry, announces that Foresters, a leading fraternal benefit society, selected Insurance Technologies’ ForeSight™ as their sales illustration platform. ForeSight™ will support all Foresters’ distribution channel partners in the U.S. with their sales of individual term, universal life, whole life, and deferred and immediate annuities.

“Foresters is acquiring the market-leading illustration system technology to support our strategy of attracting and retaining independent distributors and IMOs,” said Lauren Bradley, Foresters Vice President, Product Management & Marketing. “This is where ForeSight™ will be invaluable to Foresters. By customizing this illustration system to best position our unique products and services, we enhance our sales platform to help us deliver value added services to our distribution partners.”

ForeSight™ is ideally suited for Foresters, and will provide high value to their producers by clearly demonstrating the ability of Foresters’ products to meet a prospective member’s evolving needs. ForeSight™ also satisfies Foresters state and federal regulatory requirements and internal disclosure mandates. This is accomplished without compromising ForeSight™ value as a sales tool.

“On a single system, ForeSight™ will support all of Foresters business needs, from illustrations and in-force reprojections to electronic applications and straight-through-processing,” says Paul Skordilis, Execute Vice President, Worldwide Sales and Marketing at Insurance Technologies. “The key value is how our powerful ForeSight™ .NET framework and ACORD XML transaction standards will provide Foresters with automation and reduce their dependency on manual policy service and issue processes. This will improve their overall service levels while reducing their costs of doing business.”

“Foresters chose ForeSight™ to fulfill our need for a high performance, compliant, proven, and easy-to-use online illustration system that could support our users,” adds JS Ledoux, Foresters Director of Product Management & Marketing. “ForeSight™ is distribution technology in a single system solution that delivers all Foresters’ needs now and in the future. We expect it to be a great investment with a strong ROI over time.”

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