Digipede Launches the Digipede Network 2.0 to Meet Growing Demand for Application Scalability on the Microsoft Windows Platform

New York, NY and Oakland, CA - 17 September 2007

Leading grid software provider Digipedeâ„¢ Technologies, today unveiled the newest version of its award-winning grid software solution for the Microsoft Windows platform. The Digipede Networkâ„¢ 2.0, the powerful, economical grid computing solution based on the Microsoft .NET Framework environment, features a new robust and more powerful control interface for grid-enabling applications, continued integration with existing security installations, and low latency capabilities for enhanced performance and greater scalability for organizations of all sizes.

"The Digipede Network is known for ease of deployment, use, and programming; the newest version preserves these key attributes while delivering improved manageability for large installations," said John Powers, CEO of Digipede. "Our latest release integrates with Microsoft Active Directory, which improves control over user access and privileges on the grid. We’ve also improved the capabilities for administrators who work with larger numbers of Digipede Agents, users, and applications."

Powers continues, "In addition, users will see even faster results with lower latency throughout the system, improving performance on short tasks significantly. And additional options for taking advantage of multiple cores mean broad classes of applications will see even greater performance increases with minimal effort."

"Microsoft is pleased to continue its relationship with Digipede and the company’s ability to provide developers with a set of tools to quickly and easily grid-enable their applications," said Dave Mendlen, director for Visual Studio in the Developer Division at Microsoft Corp. "By integrating the Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 debugging package with the latest release of the Digipede Framework Software Development Kit (SDK), the process is simplified even further, enabling developers to be more productive."

The Digipede Network’s tight focus on ease of application integration and deployment remains unchanged in version 2.0. The upgrade concentrates on enhancing the ability of customers and ISV partners to roll out new grid-enabled applications quickly and economically, with even better management of the Digipede Agents used to coordinate the distributed work.

"Digipede helped us virtualize our Microsoft Windows applications and provided us an easy path to distributed computing in clusters and grids, with outstanding support for our .NET developers," said Paul Algreen, CTO at III Offshore Advisors. "The new version of the Digipede Network gives us the ability to utilize the multi-processor and multi-core machines on our grid without the difficulty of complicated, multi-threaded development. Plus, the ability to debug distributed applications using the Visual Studio plug-in from within the developer’s standard environment is a great productivity enhancer. The Digipede Network has been a great benefit to our business and our customers."

The Digipede Network 2.0 Key Features
* Windows Authentication and Active Directory integration make it faster and easier to integrate distributed applications with in-place security-enhancement schemes
* E-mail notification ensures that users and administrators get the information they want about the status of their jobs when they want it
* An improved user interface for administrators allows closer management of users, applications and the Digipede Agents
* The Digipede Framework SDK now includes a Visual Studio 2005 debugging package, making debugging of distributed applications much simpler
* Enhanced .NET Framework development patterns included in the SDK allow for much finer control over remote applications, application configuration, threads and processes
* Lower latency throughout the system means greater scalability and enhanced performance

The Digipede Network is an affordable distributed computing solution built entirely on the Microsoft .NET Framework that dramatically improves the speed and performance of demanding real-world business applications. Integrated with Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Visual Studio 2005, Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003, and other Windows Server products, the Digipede Network is radically easier to buy, install and use than other grid-computing solutions. Using the Digipede Network, businesses can easily achieve the benefits of grid computing, including improved IT agility and increased application scalability. Developers can write .NET Framework-based or COM applications that will take advantage of hundreds or thousands of computers, bringing the power of grid computing to the Windows platform.

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