FFastFill Announces 100 MB Connectivity to LIFFE CONNECT®

London - 14 September 2007

FFastFill announced today that it will be one of the first technology providers to offer 100 megabit (Mb) connectivity to the LIFFE CONNECT® electronic trading platform. The move vastly increases the speed and capacity of connection compared to the 2Mb lines LIFFE CONNECT® offers as an alternative.

The 100Mb offering is one of several new connectivity alternatives LIFFE CONNECT® is introducing.

FFastFill's Executive Chairman and CEO Keith Todd said: "This industry is increasingly demanding much faster access to markets. The huge increases in algorithmic trading are driven by ultra-low latency. We are very pleased to work with LIFFE CONNECT® to offer our clients a high-speed, low latency and low-cost way to trade its products."

Paul MacGregor, Director Technology Partnerships at Liffe, commented: “We are very pleased that FFastFill are adopting 100 Mb connectivity for customers using their Application Service Provider services, which provide a direct link to the Liffe market. This will immediately pass on the benefits of decompressed market data to all clients connecting via the FFastFill ASP.”

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