StockTrack Shareholder Accounting Software Now With DTC FAST Integration

28 November 2007

Figtree Software released Version 11.0 of StockTrack Shareholder Accounting software with DTC FAST Integration today. StockTrack, first released in 1989, supports issuance and transfer of stock, printing of stock certificates, dividends -- including direct deposit (ACH), proxy, splits, and all related reporting. It is in use by stock transfer agents and self issuers, such as community banks, across the U.S.

The new DTC FAST Integration features support automated receipt of balance and transaction information directly from the DTC; side by side comparison of DTC to StockTrack balances; and import of transactions directly into the StockTrack transfer screen. This DTC FAST integration will greatly improve efficiency for issuer companies and Transfer Agents required to work through the DTC FAST system. Availability of this feature is also important to many companies who may need it in the future.

Current licensees consider StockTrack the most complete and cost effective product available. They site ease of use, extensive feature set, reports on all aspects of shareholder accounting, flexibility, audit trails, reasonable pricing and great support as some of the reasons they are happy that they selected and use StockTrack.

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