CDO Software Integrates Moody’s Ratings Delivery Service, CDOROM & CDOROM Data Feed

London - 20 November 2007

CDO Software, the specialist provider of synthetic CDO management tools is pleased to announce that it has fully integrated the Moody’s RDS ratings feed, CDOROM™ model and CDOROM™ Data Feed within the firm’s CDO Tools™ suite.

“Managers and Investors can now seamlessly run the CDOROM™ model within our management tools at a click of a button for prospective deals, substitutions to existing deals and running scenario analysis. Investors can independently monitor deals without being dependent on month-end reports, greater transparency and control is crucial in today’s market,” says Sunay Shah CEO of CDO Software.

Ratings are being sourced directly from Moody’s so that clients know that they are using reliable and consistent data to make decisions. Results are made available much quicker in CDO Director™ than running the CDOROM™ model externally; users really see the efficiency of having one environment to manage deals.

Clients can benefit from an integrated management platform that takes ratings and market prices automatically via CDO Scheduler™. First thing in the morning or intraday within a few clicks clients can see compliance tests, agency metrics, risks, P&L and exposure to individual deals and across portfolios. Sunay Shah explains “Timing is everything, if processes are slow and not being managed effectively, this can prove incredibly costly for both managers and investors especially during volatile conditions.”

Moody’s and CDO Software are working together to deliver solutions needed by market participants. Head of Moody's International Markets Strategy, Mario Aquino states, “This is yet another step to integrate Moody’s expertise and data into third-party’s Structured Finance platforms to provide even greater value to clients and fuller solutions to their needs. This initiative builds on Moody’s continued efforts to drive up market transparency and knowledge.”

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