PerTrac Adds HedgeFund Intelligence Databases to Analytical Platform

New York - 8 November 2007

PerTrac Financial Solutions announced today that HedgeFund Intelligence investment databases are now available for direct download and use with PerTrac software. The five HedgeFund Intelligence databases available include: Absolute Return (US hedge funds), AsiaHedge (Asian hedge funds), EuroHedge (European hedge funds), SouthAfricaHedge (South African hedge funds), and InvestHedge (global funds of funds) with more than 9,000 funds. PerTrac distributes a broad range of alternative and traditional investment databases from global information providers for use with the PerTrac Analytical Platform, its flagship investment analysis and asset allocation software.

While HedgeFund Intelligence databases have been available in a PerTrac-compatible format in the past, they now feature PerTrac-specific enhancements as PerTrac begins distributing them directly to clients. PerTrac clients can now receive the Hedge Fund Intelligence databases including the PerTrac ID system and will be able to download all data directly using the PerTrac Analytical Platform desktop application.

“We are pleased to augment our relationship with HedgeFund Intelligence,” said Gerry Mintz, PerTrac president and CEO. “Our clients have used their data products for several years and will benefit from enhanced functionality and greater convenience as we begin distributing the Hedge Fund Intelligence databases directly to them. Our clients have been instrumental in driving this agreement forward, as the HedgeFund Intelligence databases have gained a strong reputation for covering hedge funds and funds of funds from around the world.”

”We are delighted to be able work more closely with PerTrac,” said John Willis, of HedgeFund Intelligence. “Our clients will now be able to use the PerTrac software to analyze our extensive hedge fund data with more clarity and ease.”

Introduced a year ago, the revolutionary PerTrac ID feature allows users to easily distinguish unique investments across different data vendors, which often have some degree of overlap between their databases. The same investment product may appear in multiple databases and may be labeled with slightly different names by different data vendors, causing confusion for users. Using PerTrac ID, multiple databases from different data vendors can be combined in the PerTrac Analytical Platform software and, with a single click, duplicate investments are hidden from view. By combining data from multiple vendors with PerTrac IDs, users can get a more complete view of the investment universe with no duplication of data.

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