Datanomic Announces Trade Up Offer on Poor Enterprise Data Quality Tools That Are Unused or Not Fit for Business Purpose

30 October 2007

Leading Data Quality specialist, Datanomic Ltd, today announced a trade up offer on underperforming data quality tools that are unused or not fit for business purpose. As part of the company’s drive to eradicate poor data quality in the enterprise, end user organizations can trade-in their unwanted data quality tools in exchange for a complimentary copy of Datanomic’s market leading dn:Director Data Quality Solution.

The offer, which is limited to end user organizations only in the public or private sector, is valid until 31 December 2007. The initiative is designed to replace outdated data quality software that is either underperforming or no longer in use, and introduce organizations to the rich functionality of modern, sophisticated data quality intelligence.

“Data quality is a pervasive issue for businesses, yet many implementations of older solutions have effectively become ‘shelfware’ because they have failed to keep up with today’s demand for quality information in Business Intelligence, Master Data Management and CRM systems,” said Dr Jonathan Pell, CEO of Datanomic Ltd. “The legacy data quality software vendors are struggling to make the transition from a collection of separate tools developed for processing names and addresses to an integrated solution that can handle complex data of all types. Datanomic is leading the industry with legacy vendors such as Trillium Software playing catch-up; their latest release offers so called ‘new’ functionality that dn:Director has had for more than eighteen months.”

“Data is an organization’s second most valuable asset, but whilst businesses recognize the critical nature of protecting and ensuring the integrity of this asset, few have robust enterprise level solutions in place,” Pell continued. “The cost and complexity of achieving this with poorly designed data quality software is prohibitive. Frequently where a data quality tool has been purchased for a specific project, such as a data migration, it has subsequently been abandoned and left to gather dust on the shelf. Datanomic’s dn:Director software is radically different from other data quality solutions; it was the first fully integrated application and, with minimal training, enables business and IT users to work collaboratively to understand, improve, protect and control data quality. This is why we’ve embarked on this initiative, which allows organizations to trade in obsolete software from Trillium Software, DataFlux, Informatica and Business Objects and trade up to dn:Director for free.”

Described by industry analysts as “arguably the most flexible data quality product”, Datanomic’s dn:Director provides a single, unified platform that enables non-IT personnel, such as data stewards, business analysts and owners of data, to identify and rectify the compromised data which place enterprise operations at risk. As a single product that encompasses profiling, analysis, transformation, cleansing and matching, dn:Director 6.0 enables better understanding, improvement, protection and control of data quality for all types of structured and non-structured, real-time and non-real time information.

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