Paremus Transforms the Way the World Runs Applications

Santa Clara, California, USA - 6 March 2007

A new release of Infiniflow provides the first distributed OSGi and SCA service platform.

At the EclipseCon conference, Paremus – Leaders in Service-Based Computing - today announced the release of several new Infiniflow products that will transform the way the world runs composite applications. Infiniflow™ Enterprise Service Fabric (ESF) is a robust, lightweight, standards-based SOA platform capable of supporting the simplest application and the most sophisticated composite business system. Infiniflow increases business agility while simultaneously reducing cost and complexity.

The Infiniflow ESF suite consists of a core framework - Infiniflow DSF, the Distributed Services Framework - and a number of optional Fabric Processing Patterns and modules. The new Fabric Processing Pattern for Enterprise Service Grids is available today with Complex Event Processing (CEP) and Distributed Transaction Processing (DTP) to follow shortly. Paremus also announced the availability of Utility Service Modules for fabric management functions including Vision, Audit and Chargeback together with an SCA Assembly Tool.

Infiniflow is Java-based and leverages two industry standards that are set to transform the enterprise application world, namely OSGiâ„¢ and SCA (Service Component Architecture).

“Spring, the Service Component Architecture (SCA) standard and the OSGi component model, are fundamentally redefining the way that enterprise and SaaS applications are developed, deployed and managed,” said Dr. Richard Nicholson, CEO, Paremus. “Collectively, these technologies promise true component re-use, dynamic assembly and maintenance of the most sophisticated composite business services. Infiniflow ESF delivers on this promise, providing a state-of-the-art autonomic runtime platform for the next generation of parallel, high-throughput and transactional composite business services.”

The features and benefits of Infiniflow include:

· Infiniflow is easy to use because applications built using Spring or other POJO-based frameworks will run natively on Infiniflow. Other programming models are supported by wrapping their components.
· Infiniflow is designed to support composite applications, where re-usable components make it easy to change and enhance application functionality on 'the fly'.
· Autonomic capabilities minimize level of human intervention required to deploy and maintain the operation of applications. Infiniflow applications and infrastructure components self-assemble, self-heal, self-manage, self-scale, self-audit.
· An agent-based and model driven architecture means that each application and its runtime behavior is described and managed by a unique document, and lightweight agents installed on each Infiniflow compute resource (physical and virtual) respond to capability requests to build themselves to perform the required functionality.
· With distributed self-healing command and control, and no single point of failure or special frames of reference, Infiniflow is designed to expect failure and focuses on minimizing recovery time rather than trying to stop things from breaking.
· A virtual resource market ensures the most efficient distribution of components across the available compute resource, even under failure scenarios, in order to meet defined SLA's with no manual intervention.

The Infiniflow Enterprise Service Fabric suite provides a distributed, component-based service oriented platform for a broad range of IT solutions for organizations of all sizes in many industries.

“Despite the wide applicability of Infiniflow, there is commonality in a number of fundamental requirements,” said Mike Francis, Sales and Marketing Director, Paremus. “Organizations deploying Infiniflow are able to reduce complexity and increase business agility, improve productivity, reduce operational and capital costs and gain competitive advantage.”

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