BT Reaches Key Milestone with Next-Generation Voice Trading Turret

26 March 2007

ITS.Netrix Spans 15,000 Desktops Worldwide

BT, one of the world’s largest suppliers of financial trading room systems, today announced that it has successfully deployed 15,000 positions of ITS.Netrix, its next generation trading turret. ITS.Netrix offers multi-media support for voice, video and data, giving front office trading staff command of all communications channels, ultimately improving performance and efficiency across the trading room. ITS.Netrix continues to set the standard in trading communications and collaboration.

BT continues to lead the way in converged communications for the mission critical trading floor. ITS.Netrix has a unique ability to communicate via Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), traditional TDM connectivity or both at the same time. This enables financial institutions to migrate toward virtual trading floor solutions, giving them improved business continuity and trading effectiveness, whilst managing the risk of transition. This non-prescriptive approach has been well received by BT’s customers, enabling them to deploy these 15,000 ITS.Netrix turrets in a wide range of configurations that meet their particular business demands. This ranges from fully distributed native IP “thin-building” solutions, operating over the customers’ converged WANs and LANs, to traditional single-site configurations with TDM to the desk.

Concurrent with the growing adoption of BT’s ITS.Netrix, TowerGroup also predicts that between 2006 and 2010, global installations in the turret market will increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 2.26% and that converged communications solutions will be a key factor for success, as highlighted in a recent research report titled The Future of the Trading Turret Market: Up, Down, or Sideways.”

Stephen Bruel, Analyst, TowerGroup, said: “Traders feel an affinity with their turrets and believe that it is instrumental to their success. The manner in which success is achieved is changing, especially as electronic trading becomes more prevalent. Turret vendors with a broader vision and capability to offer additional tools directly from the turret will be well positioned to win, particularly if these tools span beyond the trading room and into the back office and other pre-trade areas.”

Phil Mottram, Managing Director, BT Trading Systems, said: “Despite the growth in electronic trading, there is still strong demand for voice trading solutions, particularly in the more complex markets. Recent market volatility has also shown that hybrid voice and electronic systems have a role to play. As the continued growth in the rollout of BT’s ITS.Netrix shows, the human element remains very important and the value a person brings to the trade process will not only be in executing trades, but in providing differentiated knowledge, advice and services to customers. BT firmly believes communication and collaboration through a wide range of media channels and integrated applications will play an increasingly important role in such pre-trade activity.”

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