Brazil and China to challenge India for lead in offshore market?

Singapore and Hong Kong - 3 July 2007

IDC predicts that by 2011 Chinese cities will surpass their Indian neighbours as the highest ranked Global offshore delivery centres.

IDC has developed a new Global Delivery Index (GDI), which compares 35 cities in the Asia/Pacific as potential offshore delivery centres, based on a comprehensive set of criteria such as cost of labour, cost of rent, language skills and turnover rate. In its inaugural findings, Indian cities are highly ranked, while Chinese cities are on the rise and closely nipping at India's heels. Examples of cities covered include Adelaide, Bangalore, Dalian, Hanoi, and Kuala Lumpur among many others.

The IDC study also forecasts how these top 10 cities rankings might change in 2011. The GDI reports take into consideration future plans of cities such as future infrastructure plans and efforts taken to lay a firm foundation for attracting investments. IDC forecasts that Chinese cities will overtake Indian cities by 2011 due to massive investments made (e.g. infrastructure, English language, Internet connections, technical skills, etc) which are favourable towards offshoring. More insights can be obtained from the soon to be launched Global Delivery Index Program in July 2007

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