SmartVista will allow banks to remotely manage ATM master keys

Moscow - 30 July 2007

BPC Banking Technologies has become one of the few companies offering solutions for remote ATM master key management. BPC clients can now fully automate the management of NCR ATM networks and reduce the expense for servicing them.

The manual loading of new master keys is quite a long and difficult process requiring special personnel: security officers have to open every ATM and manually upload their parts of new codes. This is why the process takes a lot of time and is not always free from mistakes, especially in large networks spread over several cities. Thanks to the new SmartVista based function, the master key management can now be performed centrally and automatically and takes much less time and effort.

The technology of remote key management designed by the BPC team is fully compliant with PCI security standards and requirements. The key is generated with the use of RSA encryption and can be automatically loaded either to a single ATM or to an ATM group, which makes the process more secure and error-free, thus significantly reducing the servicing cost.

SmartVista has always offered a broad range of ATM management tools that allow banks and financial institutions to support all modern banking and payment services, transactional filtering, fraud prevention, ATM monitoring, etc. This new capability will become an essential part of this range of features and functionalities.

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