Selero Makes Execution Services Available to Customers

Denver, CO – 9 January 2007

Affiliates with Nunami Services, LLC, Member NASD

Selero, Inc. announced today that it has entered into an agreement with Nunami Services LLC, Member NASD.

Selero’s agreement with Nunami Services, located in Denver, allows the Company to enhance its Reg NMS, order routing, exchange connectivity, application-on-demand, and trade execution offerings with cost effective, anonymous, execution services. These services are available for trade execution on exchanges, ECNs, ATSs, and dark pools. By making execution services available to its customers, Selero is taking one more step toward delivering on its mission of providing end-to-end, highly automated, trade execution to a marketplace where anonymity is a chief concern and liquidity is fragmenting and shifting.

Through its affiliation with Nunami Services, a registered broker/dealer, Selero can offer automated trade execution services or Direct Market Access (DMA) for all exchange-traded asset classes. Further, Nunami Services is a member of most equity market centers in the U.S.

This dynamic new business relationship and broker/dealer affiliation with Nunami Services means that Selero can offer a unique combination of its highly sophisticated trading technology with the ability to make full brokerage services available to its customers.

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