Stematch is SWIFTReady Gold 2007 for Reconciliation

Geneva - 26 January 2007

Sterci, the leading international software provider of STP solutions, today announced that SWIFT has renewed for the fourth consecutive year Stematch with the highest award labels. Stematch version 7 is SWIFTReady Gold 2007, it means the SWIFT compliance recognition to provide a comprehensive automation for Cash and Securities Reconciliation using SWIFT messaging standards. Stematch end-to-end solution reconciliation covers not only Cash and Securities reconciliation but also includes confirmation matching and a very powerful embedded investigation module for exception management.

With version 7, Stematch is now providing a new module for generic reconciliation, this allows to reconcile any data set against any other data set.

The user has only to define the data dictionary of the data sources and on which data fields are to be reconciled.

Etienne Savatier, marketing director of Sterci, said: “Stematch is now a market leading reconciliation product as it offers enterprise-wide reconciliation. Stematch supports reconciliation for all business lines and market instruments including cash, general ledger, nostro, securities transactions, custodian holdings, funds, foreign exchange, money market, precious metals. Its flexibility and generic capabilities provide a high automatic matching rate for any internal or external data sources.

With our recent success, Stematch is now #1 in Switzerland and is wining new market share in UK, Luxembourg, Belgium and Middle-East ”.

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