Eze Castle Integration Launches Eze Business VoIP Solutions to Provide Highly Available, Resilient and Cost-Effective Voice Communications for Hedge Funds and Investment Firms

Boston – 16 January 2007

Eze Castle Integration, Inc., a leading provider of technology and IT services to investment firms, today expanded its Voice Solutions Portfolio with the launch of Eze Business VoIP Solutions. A new portfolio of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services, Eze Business VoIP Solutions offer high levels of availability, business continuity and cost-effectiveness for voice communications. The new portfolio delivers three levels of service including Eze Business VoIP Gold, Eze Business VoIP Silver and Eze Business VoIP Hosted PBX that can be selected based on an investment firm’s business and technology requirements.

For more than 10 years, Eze Castle Integration has installed and managed world-class voice solutions for leading hedge funds and investment firms, and has grown its financial services customer base to more than 400 firms. The company understands the complexities of designing, installing, implementing and maintaining the premium voice services that firms rely on everyday. The Eze Business VoIP Solutions are yet another example of how the company is meeting and exceeding market and customer demand for highly available and efficient technology to support business objectives, while offering a greater return on technology investments.

Eze Business VoIP Solutions provide a full spectrum of VoIP services that meet current and future technology needs. Hedge funds can now easily implement disaster recovery initiatives for voice communications and protect themselves in the event of an outage or voice system failure. In addition to being more cost effective than traditional phone systems, Eze Business VoIP Solutions offer firms complete voice redundancy, stringent quality of service agreements, quick activation and Eze Castle’s trademark 24 x 7 x 365 maintenance and support.

Each Eze Business VoIP Solution is built to provide the highest levels of quality, redundancy and availability:

· Eze Business VoIP Gold surpasses the capabilities delivered by traditional phone systems, and combines the scalability and disaster recovery options firms should expect from their voice systems in a cost-effective manner. Eze Business VoIP Gold comes bundled with nearly unlimited outbound monthly minutes, as well as voicemail and call attendant features.

· Eze Business VoIP Silver is ideal for firms seeking to add redundancy and disaster recovery capabilities to their existing phone systems. Eze Business VoIP Silver provides voice redundancy and backup to help ensure the highest levels of voice availability. Its cost and flexibility also make it ideal for firms seeking familiarity with VoIP before undertaking a company-wide deployment.

· Eze Business VoIP Hosted PBX is designed for emerging firms that do not wish to invest in an in-house phone infrastructure. Eze Business VoIP Hosted PBX delivers high-quality service and nearly unlimited monthly minutes.

“Maintaining system availability, redundancy and business continuity are top priorities for today’s hedge fund and investment firms. Eze Castle Integration now allows firms to make their voice networks as disaster proof and resilient as their data networks at a cost-effective price point that was previously unavailable,” said Bob Guilbert, managing director of marketing at Eze Castle Integration. “With Eze Business VoIP Solutions, firms can achieve the highest levels of redundancy and have the highest degree of confidence with their voice infrastructure."

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