New York - 10 January 2007

Bringing Space-Based Architecture to .NET Environments Achieves Unprecedented Levels of Interoperability, Scalability and Performance

Coming just days after its general launch in December 2006, of the latest version of its flagship product, GigaSpaces™ Version 5.2, GigaSpaces CTO and Founder Nati Shalom today issued a broader technical overview of the new product’s comprehensive .NET innovations. The analysis spotlights more than a half dozen specific technical features highlighting some of the chief reasons GigaSpaces’ Space-Based Architecture solution is gaining an accelerated rate of worldwide attention and adoption among .NET developers, and is being used by top-tier financial institutions. “GigaSpaces customers with pure Java environments have long-benefited from the unparalleled performance and scalability delivered by Space-Based Architecture,” Shalom said. “But the reality is that many of our customers in financial services and other industries have either hybrid environments – both Java and .Net – or pure .Net environments. Our .Net capabilities now allow them to have these same benefits in any of these environments.”

Designed for efficient interoperability between Java and .NET, GigaSpaces Version 5.2 provides a high performance platform that enables the deployment of a common technology and product across different, multiple lines of business, resulting in three key benefits, Shalom noted. “This means that solutions developed on each platform can interoperate effectively at any time,” he said. “This flexibility to mix and match – to use Java on the server side and .NET on the client side, for example – is a critical technical advantage. Equally important is that applications built purely in .NET benefit from the richness and maturity of the architecture and the fact they can achieve more flexibility by running some processes on scalable Linux/Unix platforms. Our existing .Net customers will be happy to learn that GigaSpaces 5.2.1 performs 4 to 6 times faster than previous versions. In short, we’re offering the most efficient and highest-performance interoperability solution between Java and .NET in the market today.”

Addressing the issue of performance, Shalom noted that GigaSpaces Version 5.2 achieves unmatched levels of high-throughput and low-latency through the solution’s support for both in-process (embedded) and out-of-process optimization. “The performance between Java and .NET is consistent,” he said. “There is little overhead, even while handling the portability between the two platforms.” GigaSpaces Version 5.2 also introduces the concept of PONO (“Plain Old .Net Object”), the equivalent of POJOs in the Java world. This means developers can use a consistent programming model across the two different languages. Said Shalom, “The PONO approach is a non-intrusive way to map existing domain model objects into the Space through Attributes. It couldn’t be simpler for C# developers because the API appears in native format in a pure .NET library.”

Support for Portable Binary Serialization in GigaSpaces 5.2 provides an extremely fast and efficient binary representation of .NET or Java objects that can be portable between the two domains in a way that is even faster than native serialization. “This feature also provides implicit conversation between .NET and Java data types such as date format, the representation of floating points and other constructs,” Shalom added.

The GigaSpaces product also provides the ability to integrate real-time data feeds to various rich clients, such as AJAX and Microsoft Excel.

Future releases, according to Shalom, will feature native support for ASP.Net and ADO.Net, integration with Microsoft Visual Studio for debugging, as well as Active Directory integration.

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