Altaira LLC releases the first comprehensive Cross-Asset .NET Portfolio system where the Source Code is included in the purchase.

2 August 2007

Altaira offers:

• complete portfolio management
• flexible strategy engineering
• superior cross-asset instrument coverage
• powerful risk management
• ultra-optimized industry-standard models
• highly scalable architecture
• local hosting on an intranet, or on the web via Click-Once Deployment.
• unlimited extensibility
• full-service support
• cutting-edge technology
• custom pricing-model support
• a dashboard to view any combination of deals, real-time
• a source code purchase option

Using tools like C# for rapid application development, Microsoft® .NET for a rich client interface, grid computing for unlimited scalability, and web services for both cross-platform interoperability and extensibility — Altaira provides both the system and confidence demanded in today's competitive markets and the flexibility to customize the system to meet growing demands.

Stunning performance and a sleek, intuitive interface make for the best overall portfolio and risk management solution currently available for the high-end enterprise, the individual trader, and everything in between.

All instruments are supported by the user's choice of Altaira pricing models, custom proprietary models, Numerix, etc...

Source Code: For the perfect hedge of unlimited customization and extensibility, Altaira provides an option to purchase fully-documented source code — a first by any major financial software vendor.

Grid Computing: Using the paradigm of "many hands make light work", the total processing load can be distributed in a "grid" of computers which divide large jobs into small tasks that can be performed concurrently — making even incredibly math intensive calculations run at near super-computer speeds. Even so, the system can scale-down to a single computer if needed.

Web Services: All functions of the system are exposed not only as .NET objects, but also as cross-platform web services. Using web services, organizations can mix, match, enhance, or even replace current functionality without the worry of platform dependence. As well, these functions can be exposed across the Internet to create a truly universal solution.

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