RFA Defender Solution Provides Hedge Funds and Investment Firms with Real Time Security Intelligence to Manage Operational Risk

New York - 14 August 2007

Powerful, Comprehensive Data Protection Solution Ensures Network Security -

Richard Fleischman & Associates (RFA), a leader in outsourced IT solutions and the trusted advisor to more than 400 hedge funds, today launched RFA Defender, an integrated data protection solution that fortifies hedge funds and investment firms with the first line of defense that goes beyond attack signatures for detecting and blocking malicious executables.

RFA Defender: True Data Protection

Never before has the threat to corporate data assets been so great – and so costly. RFA Defender provides comprehensive data protection from internal as well as external threats. This powerful solution includes four key elements for ensuring network security that can be applied separately or collectively based on client need to manage operational risk.

RFA Sentinel managed security service proactively combats security threats while meeting compliance auditing requirements. Sentinel automatically collects and correlates event data from a variety of heterogeneous, multi-vendor network devices and systems including routers, switches, firewalls, VPNs, IDS/IPS systems, proxy servers, antivirus, SPAM and spyware systems, content filtering Web security appliances, Windows, Unix and Linux servers and work stations. This information helps eliminate false positives, identifies security breaches and corporate violations and improves overall security operations.

Guardian data leak prevention provides comprehensive protection, including data, ports, channel and networks. Guardian prevents leakage of sensitive information and data with a unique approach that combines endpoint-based enforcement with highly accurate fingerprinting called Data DNAâ„¢.

FireEye intrusion detection stops crimeware in its tracks. FireEye intrusion identifies and eradicates crimeware and malicious attacks from the network and across the enterprise. FireEye’s advanced technology is the only solution available today that protects the network against crimeware and botnet threats that have evaded antivirus and other traditional security technologies.

Mail Sentry e-mail security stops threats not detected by traditional security solutions. Mail Sentry’s proactive e-mail protection that detects zero-day threats, targeted attacks, first-instance malware variants and blended threats. With secure e-mail communication, Mail Sentry enables split-second investment decisions while safeguarding sensitive financial information.

Mail Sentry uses a proprietary, high-performance Observation Engineâ„¢ that looks at malware behavior to proactively block threats before they reach enterprise systems.

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