New York - 14 August 2007

Faster time for deployment of Data Cache Grid with Integrasoft’s IGF Abstraction

IntegraSoft today announced its Open Source of its Flagship Data Grid Product Integrasoft Grid Fabric (IGF). IGF is an abstraction layer to a distributed cache. The current cache binding support is for Oracle’s Coherence (formally Tangosol).

IGF delivers common, well-known programming techniques with bindings to distributed caching products. The user of IGF works with the abstraction layer where the complexity of the cache is hidden from the user. The IGF cache binding manages the complexity of the distributed cache product. It is the job of IGF to translate lists and collectables to the specific data cache (or any other data distribution engine) that lies underneath. The benefits of leveraging such an abstraction layers include:

• Reduces Time to Market
• Reduces Development Costs
• Lowers the Barrier of Entry to the Grid
• Eliminates complex learning curve of one or many cache vendors
• Offers the Grid-Enabled Collection Classes and Collectables
• Offers the Grid-Enabled Native Types (e.g. ints, floats, dates, etc.)

“There is increased interest for an abstraction layers to a distributed cache; be it proprietary to a group or company, or the search for an industry standard. The community has already chosen a standard, most if not all developers use collection classes (lists) and collectables (things lists hold); this is where IGF starts. The IGF abstraction to a distributed cache follows this same pattern.” Says Michael Di Stefano founder of Integrasoft and author of “Distributed Data Management for Grid Computing” Wiley 2005. Di Stefano continues “moving from a Java or RWList to an IGFList is nothing more than changing the declaration. That is it, your application is now Data Grid enabled.”

Integrasoft is making IGF Open Sourced in hopes to contribute to the adoption of a technology it sees as the future direction of IT. And is looking to the developer community to answer questions like “there are some complex behavioral questions in an abstraction layer that must be answered by the broader community and Open Source is proven to be the best path to evolve IGF to reach its full potential” says Michael Di Stefano.

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