PVS Release 3.5 now supports Oracle Coherence

London, UK/ Dublin, Ireland - 2 August 2007

PaceMetrics are pleased to announce that PVS Version 3.5 now fully supports Oracle Coherence (OC), formerly Tangosol. This release is currently undergoing final testing at a leading Tier 1 Investment Bank in London, with a view to full rollout in August 2007.

A key requirement of the Bank was that any solution should have the highest resilience, with seamless failover happening within a maximum of 3 seconds. Selecting Oracle Coherence enabled the PVS development team to exceed that requirement comfortably and to achieve almost 'Continuous Availability'; PVS provides users with seamless failover times that are imperceptible. A PVS user is totally unaware that any failure has occurred and is therefore not required to take any corrective actions.

PVS makes use of significant volumes of pricing and reference data in cache due to the time-critical nature of end-of day or intra-day pricing. Oracle Coherence proved itself entirely capable of managing such volumes with ease, with minimum impact on performance.

The Price Verification Server (PVS) from PaceMetrics is a software application that provides a state-of-the-art, neutral source of verified prices for all types of financial instruments. PVS offers full transparency and process control to ensure that price delivery is on time and is clearly identified to its customers. PVS is a time sensitive, mission critical application.

Oracle Coherence is a component of Oracle Fusion Middleware that enables organizations to predictably scale mission-critical applications by providing fast and reliable access to frequently used data. By automatically and dynamically partitioning data in memory across multiple servers, Oracle Coherence enables continuous data availability and transactional integrity, even in the event of a server failure. As a shared infrastructure, Oracle Coherence combines data locality with local processing power to perform real-time data analysis, in-memory grid computations, and parallel transaction and event processing.

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