Fetter Logic Celebrates 10 Years of Turning Data into IntelligenceTM

Denver - 1 August 2007

This summer, Fetter Logic, Inc. celebrates 10 years in business developing data management and technology solutions for the financial services industry.

Since 1997, Fetter Logic has developed and evolved a wide range of data management solutions addressing data aggregation, regulatory compliance, commissions reconciliation, and more. Fetter Logic has continuously been on the leading edge of trends with their progressive approach to technology, servicing clearing firms and the broker/dealer community.

“We’re staying ahead of the competition by packaging all of our retail brokerage applications into one cost-effective solution-QuadronTM-meeting the needs and improving efficiency for our customers,” says David Fetter, president and CEO.

Fetter Logic’s last 10 years in business have positioned them to change the way the industry solves data management and regulatory issues. Brokerage firms have traditionally purchased or built separate applications and reporting tools for different areas of their business. Fetter Logic’s success with aggregating and normalizing data now allows them to break that paradigm and provide a single tool set that meets the needs of client’s front, middle and back office.

"A recognized leader in financial services, Montauk Financial Group is committed to providing the most advanced tools and technologies to help our advisors increase revenue and deliver more value to their clients. Quadron enables our staff to make more precise, informed decisions, and allows us to be incredibly efficient. Quadron plays a vital role in helping Montauk Financial Group’s growing national network of advisors expand their business,” says Phil D’Ambrisi, COO, Montauk Financial Group.

Fetter Logic’s regulatory compliance application [CASS] was developed in anticipation of the industry’s need for automated risk management tools. A May, 2007, Wall Street & Technology article states, “The market for wealth management compliance systems will jump 15 percent annually from today's $178 million to $318 million by 2011…Chief compliance officers (CCOs) at hedge funds, broker-dealers, institutional asset managers, retail financial advisers and trust companies all use automated compliance products to monitor and track their firms' and individual employees' compliance.”

CASS gives back time to producers by automating their compliance requirements while cutting the time compliance and supervisory staff spends on trade, broker, and account supervision. A component of CASS, Principal Review Blotter, is designed specifically for the branch manager’s supervision of activity in the branch office. It is a key element in the supervisory system of any securities firm facilitating trades for clients.

Fetter Logic’s reach, and the demand for their solutions, has increased substantially since 1997, which has directly affected the types of clients they service. Fetter Logic has grown from servicing small, independent broker/dealers to a broad range of financial businesses. As their solutions continually meet the needs of the financial services industry; there is no end in sight for future growth.

Fetter adds, “While much has changed within the Fetter Logic culture, one thing has stayed the same–our commitment to the customer. Since our technology is critical to increasing broker/dealer’s efficiency, we are continually improving our solutions and building value for our customers.”

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