Private Bank renews commitment to Investmaster’s 4i-Connect

London - 5 September 2006

Investmaster’s Crest connectivity solution 4i-Connect continues to enjoy extended commitments from its clients as the settlement environment enters a period of change.

This change will see the three main depositories of Euroclear Bank, Euroclear France and Crest becoming a single settlement engine before the end of this year and further communications enhancements due in 2008. This has obvious implications for the financial services sector, where assurance that their Crest connectivity solution will offer long term reliability and adaptability to meet market change is paramount. 4i-Connect will take banks and other financial organisations through and beyond the Euroclear changes.

Kevin Le Huray from Close Private Bank Group, an existing Investmaster client, comments: “Investmaster’s 4i-Connect product has served our connectivity needs for a number of years and we are confident that the product will continue to meet those needs on a cost effective basis. It is important to us to know that we have a long term and secure solution”.

Tom Brady, CEO of Investmaster comments: “We now have almost 30 users of 4i-Connect, some as stand-alone systems, but many as part of a fully integrated 4i product set. Our customers derive significant benefits from being part of a large community of users, including shared development costs for mandatory changes, and the reassurance that Investmaster has strength in depth to deliver futureproof solutions. We are working closely with our customers to monitor and prepare for the Single Platform and we are fully committed to ensuring that our products are ready to support our customers in meeting these important changes. The renewal of the Close Private Bank contract is a pleasing vote of confidence in 4i-Connect being a well resourced and long term solution.”

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