Financial Objects unveils activebank Orchestrate

London - 11 September 2006

- Financial Objects unveils activebank Orchestrate, a business process optimisation, integration and reporting tool -

Financial Objects is pleased to announce the launch of activebank Orchestrate, a new technology tool that helps organisations optimise the value of their existing IT and data investments. Orchestrate provides a common framework for IT and business users to identify, manage and enhance their business processes. It is a simple, versatile, rapid-deployment business enabler.

Financial Objects developed Orchestrate to assist its customers in achieving the maximum return from their existing systems and data investments, without the need for expensive and lengthy integration projects. Orchestrate provides a single offering for business process enablement, application and data integration, and high specification document creation. In addition it offers a single source of support, maintenance and development.

Built on advanced Microsoft technology, Orchestrate is able to interface to virtually any mainframe, database, service or application to consolidate information from disparate systems into one central data hub. For example, the fully automated population of an enterprise data store. It takes a service oriented approach, enabling the re-use of existing solutions and provides pre-defined processes to accelerate IT development and implement business-led changes quickly.

One of the key differentiators of Orchestrate is its ability to facilitate the most effective working relationship between the IT department and the business. It provides IT teams with the means to provide business users with a bounded environment in which they can identify, design, manage and amend their existing business processes. By empowering the business user within a set of agreed parameters, the amount of time spent on low-end administration tasks by IT staff can be significantly reduced.

By implementing activebank Orchestrate, business users have a combined information processing and workflow management tool, allowing them to manage their own processes without having to log time with IT staff.
Through the simple user interface they can access real-time, consolidated information from all areas of the business, offering them an aerial view of the business processes, which is critical when up-to-date information is paramount - such as when end users are dealing with customers and need instant access to historic and current data.

activebank Orchestrate has already been well received amongst Financial Objects' client base, and has a current total of 16 customers including Standard Bank, Nedcor and Aberdeen Asset Management.

Peter Caddick, Head of Product Strategy, Activebank Division, believes that the success of the product is due to a combination of Financial Objects' technical expertise and the fact that the product was designed with the customer in mind. "Too many technology suppliers offer a standard service, or part of a service, and try to make their customers fit their product. Our clients played a huge part in the development of Orchestrate so that we could develop something of genuine benefit to them. The three common obstacles that our clients identified were a complexity of their systems and data integration requirements, the time taken to implement a solution and the lack of flexibility to be able to customise solutions easily. Simplicity, speed of implementation and versatility were at the forefront of Orchestrate's design."

activebank Orchestrate can be deployed as a technology tool by the IT department or to power business solutions such as activebank Client Reporting for the business user.

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