TAP Executive Marc Alvarez authors highly-anticipated new book "Market Data Explained: A Practical Guide to Capital Markets Information"

London - 30 October 2006

TAP Solutions (TAP) and Butterworth-Heinemann, a division of Elsevier, proudly announce the publication of the first desktop guide to capital markets data by Marc Alvarez, Executive Vice President at TAP.

"Market Data Explained" provides the first and only comprehensive desk reference to the universe of international financial data content, bringing a degree of order to what appears, on the surface at least, to be chaos. It provides a single, consistent view on to the capital markets independent from any particular data source, delineating clearly between the actual data content and how it is delivered, such as real-time data streams versus reference data.

"The data generated by the global capital markets on a daily basis can seem pretty complicated and confusing. As a result, working with the data can be a daunting experience to both new comers as well as seasoned veterans," says Alvarez. "Over the past five years here at TAP, we’ve managed to work our way through an astonishingly wide universe of this content in order make it fully operational for use on an enterprise-wide basis by our customers. Market Data Explained gives you a first hand look at the signal than can be found amidst the noise."

With a detailed catalogue of market data and a common structure for navigating the complex content and interrelationships, "Market Data Explained" is an accessible read. It shows how the data relates across the universe of securities (such as stocks, bonds and derivatives) and puts forward a logical framework for understanding how the data content can be extended over time in response to the creation of new and more complex financial instruments. A common taxonomy and sensible naming conventions handle the highly varied geography and language-dependent nature of the content. This book aims at being fully comprehensible by avoiding industry jargon and acronyms, enabling market data users to apply the content to analysis and business applications.

"I’m delighted to see the arrival of Market Data Explained," says Herbie Skeete, Senior Editor for Capital Markets Series at publisher Elsevier. "For the first time, the industry now has a resource upon which to standardize its vocabulary when it comes to this highly complex information. Every business analyst, data manager, or application developer should keep a copy on their desks and use it as their first point of reference."

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