TwoFour Systems Simplifies and Accelerates Deployment with FIX Engine Support

White Plains, NY – 10 October 2006

TwoFour Systems, today announced the addition of its Financial Information eXchange (FIX) Engine support to the TwoFour Trading Platform, a global, cross-product 24/7 transaction processing system for the financial services industry. This new functionality provides TwoFour clients with real-time access to external transaction data using an industry standard information exchange protocol.

FIX Engine data is fed directly into the TwoFour Trading Platform using the system’s Interface Mapping Tool, an innovative Windows-based configuration tool for quickly and efficiently linking in external data sources. The Interface Mapping Tool defines how incoming and outgoing data is managed by TwoFour’s adapter-based information gateway. All incoming data is processed identically to transactions entered directly into the TwoFour system, using the same workflow-based rules and business objects to ensure data integrity.

TwoFour’s Interface Mapping Tool simplifies overall deployment of the TwoFour Trading Platform, resulting in faster time to market and lower implementation costs. FIX Engine support further speeds the process by standardizing and streamlining integration with existing systems. The Interface Mapping Tool can be used to receive live transaction information or to convert data from legacy systems. TwoFour also supports direct data entry and feeds from databases, XML and flat file exchange.

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