Chase Cooper, the international supplier of operational risk and business compliance solutions for Basel II has announced the launch of its “Horizon Migration Model” for users of JP Morgan’s Horizon operational risk software. The migration model will enable Horizon users to move safely and quickly across to Chase Cooper’s own operational risk and compliance solution- Accelerate.

The need for a migration tool became apparent when JP Morgan announced recently that it intended to discontinue supporting its international base of Horizon clients from June this year. Chase Cooper understands that JP Morgan’s decision to cease operating as a supplier of software for the Basel II operational risk market was driven by a desire to focus on their core financial business activities.

Zag Asghar, a director of Chase Cooper said, “There are many Horizon users in the marketplace who now have a difficult decision to face. Some may continue to use Horizon, but they will ultimately need to make a decision about the additional functionality that they will need for operational risk management which is not provided in Horizon. One of the big issues they will face is how to make an effective transition from their existing systems to new, more functional systems, with all the implications that this will have for change management and data migration. We are already working with existing Horizon users to help them address these issues. It’s as a result of this work that we have developed the Horizon Migration Model.

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