ComplyXL - Webserver version now available for both Windows and Linux servers

London February: Lyquidity Solutions announces the release of ComplyXL webserver version – extending the reach of version recording and management for compliance control of Excel workbooks.

As compliance with SEC regulations and other regulatory bodies becomes more and more essential, software that allows users to maintain an audit trail of changes and updates to their information becomes increasingly vital. ComplyXL from Lyquidity is an innovative and powerful solution that improves the auditability and compliance readiness of Excel. While the company has a focus on Windows, because that’s where the compliance issues are most pressing, Lyquidity wanted to extend their reach to embrace Linux and other operating systems and provide customers with flexible deployment options.

Bill Seddon, Managing Director of Lyquidity, said: “We wanted to ensure that we offer a full range of alternatives to our customers, and so we are pleased to announce our web version for Java/Linux servers in addition to Windows. Our product strategy ensures that we have the solutions for our customers, whatever operating system they use.” Talking about the technology involved, he added: “The webserver version complements the PC version but employs a server-based architecture. Most Excel users are Windows based so the ComplyXL webserver version supports Microsoft servers by design. We chose the .NET framework and the C# language as our tools to implement ComplyXL because we are able to develop both the client and server solutions using one environment. However, in addition we have generated a version of ComplyXL that supports any server able to run Java and Tomcat – which is just about any server.”

Any user in a department hosting ComplyXL web server version can record a version within a workbook so that future changes can be identified at any time and by any other user, just by accessing a local web page. ComplyXL doesn’t require an add-in to Excel so the IT department doesn’t have an issue deploying software to hundreds of Excel users. Even so, the unique approach that ComplyXL implements means that changes can still be identified.

Said Sandy Marshall, Product Manager "Microsoft Excel is the tool of choice for millions of professionals thanks to its ease of use, presentation flexibility and analytical power. However Excel provides no facilities to track changes, and thus is difficult to generate a compliance audit trail from. With our new webserver version of ComplyXL, we’ve enhanced our product offering to cover a wide range of different user scenarios. We now feel that ComplyXL is the choice for businesses that doesn’t compromise the productivity of the end user – it’s a win-win.”

This webserver version is in addition to the stand alone version currently available. You can test drive either the IIS/.NET or the Java/Tomcat version of ComplyXL on our web site.

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