IMTRADER Announces Over 30% Increase in Growth

Network Grows to Over 1,300 Members

New York, NY – February 27, 2006 – Pivot Solutions, the technology firm behind IMTRADER, today announced that membership in the IMTRADER Network grew over 30% since November 2005, demonstrating rapid adoption by the financial community.

Clients that have recently signed onto the network include ITG and UNX. They join firms such as Instinet LLC, JNK Securities, Pulse Trading and Moors and Cabot. Additionally, the IMTRADER Network consists of over 225 buy side firms, primarily hedge funds.

IMTRADER offers an easy-to-use robust communications platform that works seamlessly with AIM® and enables real-time FIX trading, mass targeted communications and research access. Members of the network can benefit from a rapid, targeted exchange of trade ideas which drives the right information to the right users at the right time. For example, brokers can send timely relevant research directly to their client’s existing AIM® window where they can immediately generate an order that integrates directly into their broker’s OMS.

“IMTRADER’s Distribution List and Chat Blast™ features are critical tools for our trading desk to communicate real-time targeted information to our clients, providing an enhanced level of customer service that gives us a competitive advantage”, explains Chuck Read, Director of Operations, JNK. “Providing our clients with targeted information at the right time is paramount to meeting the needs of our customers”.

"As our network quickly gains momentum, the benefit to our members increases exponentially," explains Furqan Nazeeri, CEO of Pivot Solutions. “Financial firms face a host of challenges today including compliance, regulation and market structure changes while trying to focus on achieving best execution and maximizing profits and returns. IMTRADER allows users to save critical time and cut costs while efficiently communicating relevant trade information that is needed to make instant trading decisions.”

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