Eze Castle Software Celebrates 2 CFA Charters

Eze Castle Software’s employee training program goes beyond corporate training and focuses on industry certifications, career development, and leadership skills.

Boston, MA (February 14, 2006) - Eze Castle Software, a leading provider of order management software (OMS), is proud to celebrate the accomplishments of its recently chartered CFA members: Cameron Hyzer, VP of Finance, and Chingwei Lo, Product Manager. Eze Castle Software’s Employee Training Program is currently sponsoring over 50% of its employees for an external certification program of study. These sponsorships are part of a major initiative to focus on employee career growth, development, and learning.

“The CFA is one of the most highly regarded designations of professional knowledge and expertise in the investment community. ECS has helped me tremendously throughout the whole process, paying for my exam fees and supplying the study materials I needed to pass the exam,” stated Ms. Lo regarding the ECS Certification Program and CFA sponsorship. In addition to the 15 employees sponsored for a CFA exam in 2006, ECS currently has over 80 employees studying for educational exams. Over the last year, ECS celebrated 16 employees who passed various exams, helping them get closer to certification goals such as the Microsoft Certified Database Administrator.

“To our knowledge, there is no other mid-size company that offers the same kind of robust, career-focused training and development opportunities as we do,” says David Quinlan, President of Eze Castle Software. “We wanted to focus our training efforts on career development to help employees be successful over the long-term both here at ECS and beyond. It’s important to ECS and our clients that our employees gain the knowledge and expertise to move forward in our fast-paced industry.”

In addition to sponsoring employees for external certifications, Eze Castle Software offers Industry Training, Product Training, New Hire Training, a Mentor Program, and a Leadership (Soft Skills) Training Program. “One of the ways that we are increasing employee aptitude in financial industry topics is by calling on internal and external experts to teach on topics such as market structure, capital markets, and fixed income,” says Cristina B. Aviles, ECS Training Program Manager. “We are excited to have Dr. Mark Taranto, Senior Product Manager and experienced collegiate professor as a member of the ECS team and guest lecturer for our program. Mark is currently offering a six-part lecture series that takes participants through an overview of capital markets and on to more advanced topics on fixed income portfolio strategies.”

The ECS Training Program is committed to building well-rounded development and learning. Many of today’s best companies have mentor programs where employees have an opportunity to learn from more experienced individuals,” says Andy Borggaard, Executive Vice President. “Mentoring is a critical component to effective career development planning and decision making. We have built a program that encourages all employees to develop their careers and stay on a steep learning curve as they grow with ECS.”

ECS managers also participate in a robust leadership (soft skills) training curriculum using case studies from local business schools and many ECS-specific cases. “We’ve already seen the positive effects of the soft skills training program as our employees become more effective in their individual productivity and enhance their mentoring, coaching, and leadership skills,” says Tom Gavin, CEO of Eze Castle Software. In 2006 the ECS Training program is expanding the breadth of its leadership course offerings and adding new topics focused on developing core business skills. “We’re excited to see more employees enter our educational programs as we continue to grow our training initiatives this year,” continues Tom Gavin, “We’re investing in our employees–the most important assets we have.”

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