DPC DATA Announces MuniLINK™ Web Services Customers Can Now Integrate Municipal Bond Reference Data and Disclosure Documents into Their Own Workflow

Customers Can Now Integrate Municipal Bond Reference Data and Disclosure Documents into Their Own Workflow

September 16, 2005

FORT LEE, N.J., September 16 -- DPC DATA, Inc., a leading provider of information
to financial market professionals, announces MuniLINKâ„¢ Web Services, a new Webbased custom delivery service that allows customers to integrate directly into their internal applications any combination of DPC DATA's municipal securities reference data and direct links to its 730,000-strong disclosure document archive.
In addition to basic securities descriptive data and document images, DPC DATA's
OBCodesâ„¢ data is also available to customers through this sophisticated, new
delivery mechanism.

MuniLINK Web Services makes the unique combination of municipal bond descriptive data and links to underlying disclosure documents available in a fully configurable, open standards, Web Services delivery model. Data and/or document links for more than 3.2 million CUSIPs is now available through this new service. MuniLINK Web Services is targeted at companies who wish to customize municipal bond reference data and documents into their workflow applications without having to manage large periodic data feeds or store on their own servers the municipal bond market's largest Web-accessible disclosure archive.

"This new, custom delivery service reaffirms DPC's commitment to product
development and is in direct response to the increased demand for more
sophisticated and configurable market data solutions," commented Peter J. Schmitt, DPC DATA's President. "Combining this service with DPC DATA's other valuable data and document services enables customers to integrate the content according to their specific needs while reducing the ongoing cost of maintaining the content. Inclusion of DPC's proprietary OBCodes content with MuniLINK Web Services further facilitates credit monitoring and tracking new disclosure information."

"MuniLINK Web Services enables custom calls to our data and document repository
in order to bring users the precise information they need - where and when they
need it," added Michael Ruvo, Executive Vice President. "It adds a valuable new layer of contextual access to their existing workflow applications. This is the most
streamlined way for customers to integrate such an enormous volume of timely and critical municipal bond market content."

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