Standard & Poor’s increases Compustat® Xpressfeed data coverage

New York - 5 December 2006

1,000 new data items and more historical information added

Standard & Poor’s, the leading provider of financial market intelligence, announced today the completion of a series of major enhancements to its Compustat® Xpressfeed offering. These enhancements include 1,000 new company-level data items now available in Compustat data, which includes fundamental and market data on approximately 65,000 global securities.

Among other features, Compustat Xpressfeed provides 20 years of annual and monthly data and 12 years of quarterly fundamental data on some 50,000 active and inactive companies. Delivery is facilitated by the Xpressfeed Loader add-on, which processes Compustat data into a relational database on a company's server, giving users immediate access to the information they need for research and analysis.

“Recognizing our clients' needs for more and more data to do their jobs, we have made wide-scale improvements to Compustat Xpressfeed and our Xpressfeed Loader,” says Mitch Abeyta, Managing Director for Standard & Poor’s. “These improvements directly benefit our growing client base by giving financial professionals deeper data sets for competitively differentiating analytic support.”

Data Enhancements include:

- Additional current and historical annual fundamental data and footnotes, including: income statement quarterly and year-to-date data, pension and postretirement items, as well as annual and interim market data
-Full details of Accumulated Comprehensive Income as outlined by SFAS 130
-Descriptive information flagging compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley, Actual Period End Date, Preliminary and Final Date for the North America company population
-Healthcare, homebuilding and utility industry-specific data
-Financial Services presentations (insurance, banks, broker/dealers, real estate) for selected North America companies
-Annual and interim data on over 1,500 newly added companies from the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Ireland (for Compustat Xpressfeed Global and Global Basic primary packages)
-Xpressfeed Loader (Version 2.18) updated to keep pace with changes to the Compustat Xpressfeed database and allow users to access the new data content.

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