Seven top tier banks adopt the SuperDerivatives commodities & energy platform

London & New York - 12 December 2006

SuperDerivatives, the benchmark for options and the leading provider of option pricing, independent revaluation, trading and risk management systems announces that Citigroup, Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, Standard Chartered, ABN Amro, ING, and Mitsubishi have recently licensed SD-CM, the SuperDerivatives real-time pricing and analytics platform for commodities and energy options for their trading, structuring and sales desks around the world. These banks join a long list of banks that had previously adopted the system, including Banco Santander and BBVA.

SD-CM provides real-time, market-accurate prices for commodities and energy options. It contains a very rich set of analytical and structuring utilities, marketing tools to assist the sales force as well as mark-to-market and risk management tools to enable banks provide rich services for their clients. Its coverage spans an extremely wide range of vanilla and exotic options, swaps and swaptions, Asian strips and strategies, multi-leg structures, spread and correlation products - whether traded in the over-the-counter (OTC) or exchange-traded markets, all with built-in real-time market-data feeds.

“The adoption of SD-CM by so many world-class institutions stems from the fact that these banks realized that the platform is pioneering in its coverage, accuracy and functionality in the energy and commodity options markets and that it brings them to market a lot faster, by saving the long time needed to develop such technology in-house. We put a lot of effort towards making SD-CM the most accurate, powerful and user friendly tool for traders, sales people, structurers and risk controllers, and are exceedingly gratified to see that the world’s leading practitioners adopt it in an increasingly rapid pace”, commented SuperDerivatives product manager Leor Jivotovsky, .

“Banks of all sizes, asset managers and hedge funds all try to quickly and massively expand their commodities and energy option trading. Happily, SD-CM allowed many of our clients to reap considerable profits by quickly and effectively leveraging the rising volatility and trading volumes. With SD-CM our customers were able to show a significant increase in both sales and profits within only a few months. ", concluded Jivotovsky.

SuperDerivatives’ products, including real-time pricing and analytics systems, risk management systems, portfolio revaluation services, options market data portal and online trading capabilities, are used by numerous companies from both the buy and sell side. Its pricing platforms are used by almost all the banks around the world that are active in options, as well as by numerous corporations, asset managers, hedge funds, auditors and central banks.

SuperDerivatives’ benchmark option pricing model is the only publicly visible and market tested model whose accuracy in generating real market prices for all types of derivatives has been proven and validated continuously for several years.

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