Microsoft Certified Partner Fractal Edge is Open XML Formats Developer Group Founding Member

London, UK – 20th April 2006 – Fractal Edge is pleased to announce its founding member status of the Open XML Formats Developer Group. Fractal Edge joins the likes of Microsoft, Apple, Intel and Toshiba on an impressive list of 40 companies worldwide that are committed to building Open XML Format compatibly into their software solutions.

The Open XML Formats Developer Group is currently working hard alongside ECMA to complete standardization of the formats but progressive software developers like Fractal Edge are already utilizing the core principles to create software that supports openness and interoperability with other systems, languages and platforms.

Fractal Edge provides data visualization and analysis software that helps businesses navigate and analyse large, complex or fast-moving information sources quickly and accurately. Using XML file formats means that Fractal Edge can provide its clients with solutions that are highly open, flexible and customizable.

Announced by Bill Gates in his keynote speech at the Office System Developers Conference March 2006, the Open XML Formats Developer Group provides an online technical forum and resource centre for developers like those at Fractal Edge who are capitalizing on the power of Open XML file formats in their own software solutions. Developers can use the online forum to share information, post questions and keep up to date on the latest code samples, white papers and drafts of the format.

"Fractal Edge was originally inspired to adopt an XML-based file schema for our range of enterprise products as a result of the work Microsoft did to support XML in the lead-up to Office 2003. Having witnessed first-hand the benefits that users gain from the greater portability and flexibility of this approach, we are very excited by the opportunities for improved interoperability created by Microsoft’s adoption of the ECMA Open XML Format for Office.” said Gervase Clifton-Bligh, VP Product Strategy & Development, Fractal Edge “The Open XML Formats Developer Group will provide the ideal forum to share insights with other members of the Microsoft ecosystem, so we can jointly deliver better experiences and greater value for our customers.”

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