PensionOnline Announces New Roth 401k Analysis Tool

San Francisco (October 3, 2005) -- PensionOnline, Inc. a leading provider of innovative technology products for the pension industry, today announced its latest offering, a Roth 401k Analysis Tool. This newest addition is aimed at simplifying the complexities of comparing a Roth 401k to a traditional 401k.

The Roth 401k Analysis Tool is a web and PC based product built for plan participants and advisors to produce "what if" scenarios. One such output is whether participant take home pay would be impacted or not. Another is whether their contribution percentages will change. In addition, multiple and future tax situations are analyzed.

Marco Brown, PensionOnline President and CEO stated, "Providing users with an easy to use tool that provides understandable yet relevant output is one of the things we do best. Participants and advisors can enter data until they find a combination they can live with or make a decision to maintain status quo. The Roth 401k Analysis Tool was driven by market demand and we are pleased to provide our new solution. "

Licensees of the Roth 401k Analysis Tool have the option of using it online or downloading the product to their desktop.

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