Designing the next-generation of customer experience

Milton Keynes, UK, 18th October 2005 – depo, a specialist executive training and consulting firm, has launched two seminars that explore the next-generation of customer experience design.

The first of the seminars is aimed at company strategists and marketers, whilst the second covers the practical implications of delivering the experience and is targeted at the IT function.

Customer Experience Design places the customer at the centre of your operations and processes. The starting position is always what the customer is trying to achieve, rather than what you are trying to sell. What makes this attractive is that the more power you give the customer to choose how they want to interact with you, the richer becomes your understanding of what – and when – they wish to buy.

Both the seminars take the unusual approach of using real world examples. For the IT audience, this takes the form of a pre-prepared case study. For the marketers, however, depo will be asking everyone who attends the seminar to nominate a candidate business. A vote of attendees will choose which one goes forward, and it will then be used to develop a customer experience design using the tools and techniques explained during the seminar sessions.
Peter Dunkley, depo main board director, said:

"The potential of the new channels to really work for both the company and the customer has not yet been realised. In the main the web is being used as electronic brochure-ware with any processes that are available to the customer a poorly disguised attempt to reduce administration costs.

A company’s relationship with its customer could be enhanced and deepened by understanding what it is they are trying to achieve. To do this the company must provide attractive, valuable tools and services that will motivate a customer to use them. As the customer uses these facilities the company should be acquiring a better understanding of who their customers are and what is important to them. Through doing this they will be able to offer more appropriate products earlier in the buying cycle.

Companies in all markets, but perhaps the banks and insurance companies most of all, have spent millions of pounds on data analysis to improve their knowledge of the customer through profiling. Whilst we are not saying that this money has been wasted, we are saying that it might have been better to just ask the customer in the first place.

Our seminar will take a real life example and design appropriate experiences, showing how the customer can be engaged and encouraged to provide a company with the information necessary to enable a huge leap forward in understanding – Customer Insight – and how that can be translated into more sales to happier customers whilst actually lowering the cost base."

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