EPIC Advisors, Inc. Announces New Web Offering

Envisage Provides the Advantage with Enveritus

EPIC Advisors, Inc. has entered into an agreement with Envisage Information Systems, LLC to implement the Enveritus Financial Access Software (eFAS) for the delivery of retirement account and plan information, greatly increasing its overall service offering to participants, plan sponsors, and financial institutions. The new EPIC retirement web will include more robust participant and plan sponsor functionality, as well as a dedicated financial consultant website delivering enhanced reports and service to financial institutions. The Financial Consultant Website, will give EPIC's financial consultants in the banking community the reporting data they need in real-time to provide better and faster service to their sponsors and participants. The new web technology was designed and built with a focus on assisting the consultant in the management of their plans.

"This new web technology will allow us to deliver much improved reporting features that our bank partners and sponsors need to effectively run and grow their businesses," said Bob Judd, president of EPIC Advisors. "It also provides the information and tools necessary for participants to actively manage their retirement investment."

EPIC can now offer their clients an overview of the plans they manage, including plan assets. Other features include plan level statement-on-demand, plan messaging capabilities, loan status reporting, and summary of trades, just to name a few. EPIC will also offer a deferred reports option that will notify the consultants and sponsors when a report is finished.

As the largest independent team of developers conversant with the recordkeeping platform used by EPIC, Schwab Retirement Technologies (SRT), Envisage is uniquely qualified to rapidly implement workflow and other back office solutions for recordkeepers. Rick Toni, Manager of Business Development at Envisage, stated, "Our focus is helping the progressive TPA, like EPIC Advisors, leverage our web technologies to capture efficiencies and cost savings, thus allowing them to deliver the same benefits to their clients and advisors who are empowered, now more than ever, with web systems like Enveritus."

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