New Version of Datawatch’s ETL and Data Distribution Server Enables Organisations to Utilise Data Trapped in PDFs, HTML Files, Reports, Databases and Spreadsheets

Datawatch Europe, leading provider of report management, data transformation and analytic solutions announce the launch of Monarch Data Pump Version (MDP8). MDP8 is a server-based information delivery and data ETL solution which automatically imports, transforms and delivers customised data mined from report files, databases, spreadsheets, ODBC data sources, HTML files, and now PDF files, and includes the ability to export and deliver the data in multiple formats, including natively as a PDF file.

Other new features in MDP8 include:

- Report monitoring . MDP8 monitors file folders constantly for newly generated reports and automatically extracts, transforms, loads and distributes the required data;

- Zip compression . MDP8 can deliver, via e-mail, customised data as a compressed Zip file, with optional password protection;

- Robust alerting . Should a MDP8 process fail, administrators not only receive an alert, but also the job log, for faster trouble-shooting;
Password management for .NET scripts . For enterprises applying customised .NET scripts to MDP8 processes, individual passwords are stored securely;

- Improved OLE DB functionality ; and

- New XML transformation module . This optional module allows users to automate processing of reports and other business documents into valid XML, using projects created by Datawatch’s VorteXML Designer software.

"Monarch Data Pump V8 makes it easier than ever to create and deliver customised information and data across the enterprise," said Rob Graham, Product Manager "With MDP8’s new ability to use information locked in PDFs, MDP8 empowers enterprises to utilise even more data trapped in inflexible formats. Data locked in PDF files is now freed for business intelligence with MDP8. MDP8 enables enterprises to utilise trusted, verified data sources such as reports, PDF files, databases and more, to solve their business issues, with virtually no new programming required."

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