Top Systems positions Topaz Trace worldwide

Top Systems is launching a new version of Topaz Trace, its solution for the detection and prevention of money laundering, which is now positioned as an AML World Class tool.

Top Systems had a clear objective: to position Topaz Trace, its money laundering prevention and detection tool, as a first class solution worldwide. This objective was achieved by implementing a methodical work process, starting with a thorough investigation of the global marketplace.

The solution is easily integrated into the financial institution’s processes and allows for real time monitoring of all customer transactions. It helps the compliance team throughout the money laundering detection and prevention process: monitoring of activities performed by the customer within the financial institution; detection of unusual or unexpected operations; investigation based on the analysis of all customers’ activities; report of results to be submitted to the institution’s management and competent authorities.

With Topaz Trace, the financial institution is able to fully meet all national and international requirements against money laundering, and protects its integrity and corporate image, which are financial institution’s most valuable assets. Thus, Top Systems continues to strengthen its position as a leading company in the provision of technological solutions for the financial sector.

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