New application reduces missed deliveries, increases completed service calls and improves customer service

May 11, 2005 -Premiere Global Services (formerly Xpedite), today anounced Dispatch Manager, a new application giving businesses an easy and inexpensive way to arrange and/or confirm scheduled appointments by sending their customers an automated reminder message.

Simon Bushell, General Manager, Premiere Global Services UK explained: "When a service call requires an engineer visit or a delivery to a customer site, the cost of a missed appointment can be upwards of £50. If measured purely in terms of the cost of vehicles and personnel. Add to that the cost of warehousing for an extended period of time as a result of a missed appointment and the potential delay in revenue to an organisation by not delivering goods or activating a customer first time and the cost runs into hundreds of pounds per instance. Multiplied by thousands, missed appointments can have a major impact on a business' operational expenses."

Premiere Global Services' Dispatch Manager application is ideal for:
. Telephone, gas, cable and electric utilities
· Appliance repair services, heating and air contractors
· Retail delivery for furniture, household appliances, computers and other large items

Service businesses can increase the rate of completed service calls by calling customers in advance to confirm appointments but it is expensive and time consuming for live agents to make these calls. Simply leaving a message only provides a reminder, not a confirmation. By using the advanced functionality of Dispatch Manager to request confirmation of an appointment, the business knows the technicians will be able to complete their scheduled service.

Dispatch Manager can also be used to confirm deliveries. Rather than simply giving a customer a window of time in which their delivery will arrive, Dispatch Manager can be used to confirm a specific appointment. By including the date and time of the delivery, along with the items to be delivered, companies can improve customer satisfaction and increase the rate of first call deliveries.

"The flexibility provided by Dispatch Manager gives organisations many options for confirming appointments and schedules. All kinds of businesses that depend on personal service are already benefitting," said Bushell. "By increasing the rate of appointments kept and allowing technicians to be more efficient, Dispatch Manager makes it possible to service more customers in less time with a higher quality of service."

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