Datamonics Launches Check 21 Bridge™

Full Check 21/Image Exchange Capability for any Legacy System
Orange, California - March 23, 2005 - Datamonics, a leading provider of Check 21/Image Exchange software systems, announced the release of its latest product, Check 21 Bridgeâ„¢.

Check 21 Bridge is the next generation solution for legacy system users to participate in Check 21/Image Exchange. The capabilities in this module include import of images and posting data, visual Image Quality Determination and Image Usability Determination, routing of images to any image-enabled institution, long-term archiving, conversion into ECE format ANS X9.100-180 (formerly DSTU X9.37), conversion into IRD format, and direct presentment of check images.

Datamonics Check 21 Bridge is an ideal solution for any legacy system user wanting to reap the benefits of image exchange while maintaining their current processing infrastructure. It imports images and posting data easily in the form of a text file from multiple points of capture (using fields determined by user configuration) and, after conversion, presents the items to multiple points of exchange or direct to paying banks.

The Check 21 Bridge also allows users to quickly set up customer image-exchange points (with multiple ABA number and ABA number sub-sets) without the need for hard coding. Check 21 Bridge offers financial institutions and item processors a custom configurable solution with fast installation.

"Check 21 Bridge is a unique solution in the Check 21/Image Exchange processing world," said Randy Brown, Director of Business Development for Datamonics. "There are untold amounts of legacy users that need to clear items via Check 21/Image Exchange, and our solution, because of it’s unique architecture, scalability, and no hard coding installation, is the quickest way to get on board ."

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