Avanquest UK and Intelligent Output Solutions (IOS) present The Guide to Data Security

Partners, Avanquest UK, suppliers of leading-edge, best of breed, corporate solutions for the enterprise and Intelligent Output Solutions (IOS), experts in document output, document management and business communications has jointly authored the free Guide to Data Security.

With the knowledge that nearly 70% of recently surveyed companies in the UK do not have a data encryption strategy in place, Avanquest and IOS have launched the 14-page, easy to understand guide , which explains how to make data secure and reduce the costs associated with traditional PKI encryption.

Working closely together, Avanquest and IOS realised the implications of this non-policy security unawareness. Companies of all sizes are storing more and more information electronically than ever before. Document management systems, email and storage technologies generate massive amounts of data on a daily basis . The business world is employing increasing levels of capacity, and transferring more data via email and removable media than ever before. In addition, the affects of hi-tech crime are on the increase, and companies are losing substantial amounts of time and money to laptop theft, data loss and misuse of important business information.

Much has been made of implementing Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) solutions within the SME and Corporate marketplaces. "That’s not necessarily the best approach", says Stewart Rogers, Director at Intelligent Output Solutions, "Traditional PKI schemes can be extremely expensive and often require year-on-year administration. This new guide covers some of the shortfalls and costs associated with traditional PKI approaches, and compares them against solid non-PKI technologies." He goes on to say, "By looking at different encryption schemes, Avanquest and IOS aim to provide clients, both large and small, with an independent and informed view."

Giles Forrester, Product Manager for PC Guardian encryption software at Avanquest adds "We’re pleased to have worked on this guide with IOS. Their approach in challenging the traditional PKI security systems that have made the headlines for good and bad reasons of late makes sense to us and our clients. Paying once for a security product and leaving it to work, day in and day out, has got to provide a bigger return on investment than a 'regular administration' solution."

Both Avanquest and Intelligent Output Solutions provide a comprehensive range of business software solutions which help companies reduce costs, increase profits and improve productivity:

Enterprise Content Management
Document Delivery

Workflow and Business Process Automation

Network Fax

Unified Communications

Encryption and Data Security

Corporate SMS Text Messaging

Data Mining & Report Management

Multi-function Device Integration


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