QSG Adds Multi-Factor Trading Cost Dashboard To T-Cost Analyst®

March 15, 2005 Naperville, IL – The Quantitative Services Group LLC (QSG) announces a powerful new enhancement to the T-Cost Analyst® (formerly T-Cost Lite) transaction cost management service designed to simplify comparisons of transaction costs across multiple managers, trading strategies, brokers and a variety of other factors. Combining advanced data-visualization techniques and a broad spectrum of transaction cost measures, QSG has created a ‘dashboard’ that will help pension executives and equity managers to quickly identify transaction cost ‘hot spots’. With this addition of an integrated examination of costs, T-Cost Analyst has become even more valuable to those who have a responsibility to perform regular and diligent best execution monitoring.

"In one click, our dashboard provides a complete overview of a day’s trading activity across an entire organization", said Tim Sargent, QSG’s President. "The new dashboard provides a consolidated view of trading activity by destination, manager, broker and investment style. Our software development team is doing a terrific job of delivering solutions that address the specific needs of investment managers and pension executives. Equity managers and pension funds that jointly subscribe to the service gain the added advantage of using the same numbers, effectively putting them on the same page as they work to reduce overall trading costs."

Industry observers report that equity managers are increasingly relying on a variety of automated trading solutions and execution destinations. T-Cost Analyst delivers next day trading analysis that keeps up with these strategies; allowing institutional investors to satisfy their monitoring needs, while they collect the information they need for meaningful quarterly performance summaries. The service’s analytics allow users to confidently make comparisons across Brokers and Managers knowing that they are backed by more than 40 distinct trading cost measures.

"No longer do plan sponsors have to cobble together reports from different managers using different methodologies. This dashboard summarizes all of this information into one view, so you can spend more time analyzing the data in a standardized manner" said John Wightkin, QSG’s Managing Partner.

The enhanced service also includes the support of an experienced and dedicated analyst team. This team has developed a series of early warning indicators that help identify trading characteristics that deserve investigation. A daily e-mail alerts clients of their previous day’s trading results and highlights the day’s highest cost stocks and brokers. The combination of these alerts and analysis software provide investment professionals the information they need to see the big picture without sacrificing the ability to do more in-depth analysis.

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