Sun Microsystems Celebrates First Decade of Java Technology Innovation at the World's Premier Java Developer Conference, JavaOne 2005, June 27-30

Launches Initiatives and Products to Fuel Participation Age in $120 Billion Java Economy; Introduces Community Development Programs to Define Java Evolution

Announces Release of Key Java Products to the Open Source Community and Showcases Major New License Agreement with IBM for Java Technology and the Solaris Operating System

SAN FRANCISCO -- JavaOne(SM) Developer Conference -- June 27, 2005 -- Sun Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ: SUNW), founder and leading advocate for Java(TM) technology, marked the 10th birthday of Java technology's debut with major new alliances and developer programs aimed at building on Java technology's pervasiveness in popular technology products worldwide. Sun also is using the JavaOne conference as a launch pad for revealing how it will accelerate Java technology's adoption and fuel economic growth over the next 10 years through a number of significant product and technology announcements, including plans to release key Java products to the open source community.

Jonathan Schwartz, president and chief operating officer at Sun Microsystems, opened the event with a keynote address that stressed the importance of participation in stimulating market growth, building communities and driving social progress in a world that is increasingly network-centric.

"Opening technologies and building communities lowers barriers for adoption and results in more opportunity for participation and growth. This has led to a multi-billion-dollar Java industry with more than 4.5 million Java technology developers who are creating new services for over 2.5 billion Java platform-enabled devices worldwide," said Jonathan Schwartz. "Open sourcing key technologies like the Solaris Operating System and enterprise Java products will help Sun provide individuals, businesses and governments with the new tools, increased security and breakthrough technologies that lead to economic expansion and social progress in the next age of network computing - the Participation Age."

Java Technology Drives Billions of Smart Devices Around the World

During the opening keynote, Schwartz pointed to the rapid growth and acceptance of Java technology in a number of industries, markets and communities. Examples of this include:

1 billion Java technology-enabled smart cards
708 million Java technology-enabled handsets (1)
700 million Java technology-enabled PCs
More than 140 Java platform carrier deployments
912 Java Community Process(SM) [JCP(SM)] members
Schwartz also pointed to support from both the Java community and global technology partners, like IBM and others, as a strong indicator of Java technology's continued importance in driving innovation and social progress.

Sun Uses the JavaOne Conference to Make Series of Major Announcements Focused on Expanding Java Economy and Building Developer Community

Sun announced plans to share key Java technology products with the open source community, taking a major step in advancing community development while maintaining compatibility of Java technology. Those key technologies include Sun Java System Application Server 9 Platform Edition and Sun Java Enterprise Service Bus , the first fully open sourced enterprise service bus implementation based on the Java Business Integration (JBI) specification (JSR 208).

IBM and Sun are extending their Java technology agreement to license and use Java technologies from Sun through 2016. Additionally, the two companies are announcing plans to broaden support of IBM's DB2, Rational, Tivoli and WebSphere software on the Solaris 10 Operating System on SPARC, x86 and x64 systems.

Sun unveiled new additions to Sun Ultra Workstation family with the introduction of two new Ultra Workstation product lines that are perfect for developers - the Sun Ultra(TM) 20 Workstation equipped with the AMD Opteron processor and the first Sun Ultra 3 Mobile Workstation based on the UltraSPARC(R) processor for mobile computing.

Sun is accelerating the delivery of its Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) strategy, bringing new technologies and services to market to help ensure effective implementation of web services. As part of this new SOA strategy, Sun announced the newest version of the Java Web Services Developer Pack 1.6, designed to enhance XML Performance and enable service discovery.

Sun is enhancing its support of the developer community with the launch of new Java Developer Tools. Sun is donating 135,000 lines of collaboration-focused infrastructure source code from its Sun Java System Instant Messaging and Java Studio Enterprise software for use by the entire open source community on This new initiative demonstrates a continued investment by Sun to stimulate development of applications that leverage presence-awareness and real-time communication.

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