DS3 Launches Authentication Server on Sun's Award-Winning Solaris 10 Operating System and Sun Fire Servers, Powered with AMD Opteron Processor

New Solution Delivers Greater Security and Flexibility to Customers in Asia South- ABN Amro Bank, Singapore, and Kasikorn Bank, Thailand

New York and Singapore - June, 20 2005 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ: SUNW) today announced that Data Security Systems Solutions (DS3), a leading security solution provider of cutting-edge authentication and password management technologies, has migrated its DS3 2-factor Authentication Server to Sun's award-winning Solaris 10 Operating System (OS), and 64-bit (X64) Sun Fire servers powered with the AMD Opteron processor. The new solution benefits from the inherent security enhancements found in Solaris 10.

Customers in Asia South, including ABN Amro Bank in Singapore and Kasikorn Bank -- a leading bank in Thailand, have begun to benefit from the new DS3 2-factor Authentication Server.

"Kasikorn Bank is pleased to be working closely with Sun and DS3 in implementing the DS3 2-factor Authentication Solution on Sun Fire V20z servers and Solaris 10 OS," said Jurairat Krajangta, assistant vice president, Kasikorn Bank, Thailand. "We expect this new solution to provide an even more secure and robust environment with the scalability and manageability we'll need to better serve our customers."

"Solaris 10 is the most advanced and secure OS in the industry today. Not only does it provide proven high availability, extreme performance and unparalleled security, Solaris 10 unleashed the power and capability of systems based on the AMD Opteron processor," says Lionel Lim, president, Asia South, Sun Microsystems. "There are more than 1.5M Solaris 10 licenses distributed to date. We are delighted to see leaders in the financial industry, such as ABN Amro and Kasikorn Bank recognize the benefits of Solaris 10, and leverage the power and economies of Solaris 10 with Opteron to support security for their internet banking applications."

By delivering offerings based upon Solaris 10 and x64 technology, DS3 is able to deliver its unique security technology to a broader customer base. This will help grow the company's already impressive market potential. DS3's 2-factor authentication solution helps ensure authentication of communications and transactions between banks and their online customers. The solution is built to provide centralized, 2-factor authentication to ensure that only authorized users can gain access to highly sensitive information and transact securely. Supporting a range of authentication devices that are already available, the solution is intended to create a strong barrier against unauthorized access, helping to protect online data resources from potentially devastating accidental or malicious intrusion.

"We are very happy with the excellent migration support provided to us from Sun, making our move to the Solaris 10 a wonderful experience, in a very short time," said Zvi Efroni, managing director of DS3. "We trust that the superior performance and scalability of Solaris 10 will pave the way for more business, and our technology will become a very powerful and profitable combination. Now we can scale our solution according to our customers' needs and move vertically and horizontally to be able to support millions of corporate and retail banking clients with absolute ease, high flexibility and strong reliability."

With the 2-factor Authentication Server now available for Solaris 10 on X64 servers, DS3 is working on completing the integration of the Sun Java System Identity Manager and Sun Java System Access Manager into the DS3 2-factor Authentication Server to deliver a high-security, self-service password manager for enterprises.

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