Albridge Solutions Introduces The Albridge Advisor Report

Personalized Service Offers Comprehensive Competitive Benchmarks, Analysis and Advisor Rating Based On Overall Performance

New Advisor Report Is Inaugural Offering From Albridge Information Services

June 27, 2005--Lawrenceville, NJ— Albridge Solutions, the industry leader in enterprise financial data consolidation and performance reporting, announced today the debut of The Albridge Advisor Report as the initial offering from its Information Services which will provide advisors and institutions with metrics, benchmarks and analysis that help measure performance and competitiveness.

Delivered quarterly and electronically, the report can help advisors increase assets, measure progress, improve product company management and help increase efficiency and productivity. The Albridge Advisor Report features the Albridge Advisor Rating which scores advisors on multiple metrics within a relative peer group in four categories (performance, activity, diversification and growth). In addition, the report will contain key metrics of advisors performing in the top five percentile for a Best-of-Breed Analysis that includes sales and performance.

"The Albridge Advisor Report is the key that advisors have been looking for to open the door to information that is both relevant and useful to their individual practices. The Albridge Rating will be to financial advisors what the Morningstar Rating is to mutual funds but with confidentiality and personalization," said Rob Gregov, Director, Information Services. "Albridge is excited about this new service that will enable our clients to achieve greater competitiveness and results."

The Albridge Advisor Report offers detailed metrics relative to each subscriber by aggregating information from Albridge’s vast collection of data to ensure the most up-to-date and accurate information available. An information and analysis benchmarking section provides critical advisor performance measurements over time relative to the subscriber’s peer group. Metrics are provided for several categories including asset type allocation, sales, product company allocation and assets/clients-assets/accounts.

"The Albridge Advisor Report offers financial advisors a unique service with a level of personalization and scope of data not available elsewhere," said Gregov. "Obtaining benchmarking metrics and research is difficult and time-consuming. Albridge collects the information most important to an advisor and delivers it in a detailed analysis that clearly demonstrates how that advisor is performing in a peer group relative to their own practice."

The Albridge Advisor Report is the first offering from Albridge’s Information Services which will provide a variety of personal and market research for institutions and their advisors. Services will include the Albridge Advisor Report, the Albridge Institutional Report and customized research projects.

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